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New Journey: Grade 2018 Sino-German (Electro-mechanical + Automotive Body Repair) Class at SGAVE 2.0 Successfully Established

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News from News Center (Text and Photos by Yang Fan from School of Automotive Engineering) The student list of Grade 2018 SGAVE Class (Automotive Electro-mechanical + Body Repair) of School of Automotive Engineering was finalized on September 26, 2018 after a series of strict selections. They are the sixth session of freshmen of SGAVE Class, but unlike previous years, the SGAVE Project of this year adds the major in automotive body repair technology. Meanwhile, in order to increase the links with four major automakers- Volkswagen, Audi, Ferrari, and Mercedes-Benz, Tongji University Project Team and dealers personally preached it to our students and organized the interviews.

According to the project requirements, the student selection of this year was launched on September 10. The selection process consists of three aspects: theory test, real operation assessment, and interview. Before the registration, the full-time teachers of SGAVE Class of the School of Automotive Engineering preached SGAVE Project to all freshmen of Grade 2018. On September 21, LVTC leaders and representatives of manufacturers, dealers and Tongji University Competence Center preached SGAVE Project once again, so that freshmen have a comprehensive understanding of SGAVE Project. After strict selection, 30 freshmen from the major in electro-mechanics and 25 freshmen from the major in automotive body repair technology stand out from many applicants and form Grade 2018 SGAVE Electro-mechanical Class and Automotive Body Class.

The establishment of Grade 2018 SGAVE classes means the addition of an automotive body class of students on the original basis, and the beginning of deeper exploration of SGAVE Project in the integration of production and teaching. Through this project, the School of Automotive Engineering will continue to extend the project construction success, and promote the national high-level specialty group construction comprehensively.


 Teach-in on Sino-German Automotive Vocational Education (SGAVE) Project of the Ministry of Education


Theory Test of SGAVE Project


Students inquire about relevant information of SGAVE Project actively.


A dealer representative answers the questions raised by students on site


LVTC leaders and representatives of manufacturers, dealers and Tongji University Competence Center have a group photo


终审 :柳职院超管